Customer Care

Our goal is to provide accurate, solution-driven information to our customers by combining the ideal mix of technology with a personal touch.

For Booking Requests, Updates and Cancellations

Booking Team
Toll Free Phone: 877-SSL-SHIP (877-775-7447)-Prompt 1
Toll Free Fax: 866-853-9012
Local Phone: 904-998-1007
Local Fax: 904-855-8871

For Rate Requests

Quote Team
Toll Free Phone: 877-SSL-SHIP (877-775-7447)-Prompt 2
Toll Free Fax: 855-810-0126
Local Phone: 904-998-1015
Local Fax: 904-805-8112

For All Other Customer Service Inquiries

Customer Service Team
Toll Free Phone: 877-SSL-SHIP (877-775-7447)-Prompt 4
Toll Free Fax: 877-601-9348
Local Phone: 904-998-1011
Local Fax: 904-855-8855

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