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Sea Star Line: Shipping Agents in the USA offering Shipping to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico

Sea Star Line is committed to reliable transportation at the fastest speed possible. Our port facilities, ships, support systems and inland transportation network function as a cohesive unit to make sure your items reach their destination without problems.

Most of the time people only consider the speed of the ship when they think about transporting their items. While we have some of the fastest ships available for shipping to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, we have other capabilities that increase efficiency and speed. Our ships can handle both Lo/Lo and Ro/Ro cargoes simultaneously, allowing us to load and unload quickly.

However, we don’t stop there. As shipping agents in the USA, our available resources and widespread ground transportation provide you with the ability to get your cargo loaded and delivered to the correct port without any hold-ups. Once your shipment reaches the port that is when our operations take over. We have the best people with shipping experience working with an infrastructure that is the most advanced in the industry. This entire system is designed for efficiency and speed for every shipment.

Sea Star Line has invested significant money and time to put this system in place. As we move forward into the future, our investment goals aim to make our services even better.

Sea Star Line—Your Partner in Time

Our Financial Commitment

Between the years 2004 and 2010 Sea Star Line has reinvested over $125 million. The primary goal of the reinvestment is to update our vessels, equipment, employee development, facilities and technology.

Breakdown of Reinvestment — 2004 to 2010

Vessels 67.3M
Facilities 16.0M
Equipment 30.4M
Technology 11.6M
Total 125.3M

Disaster Recovery

Sea Star Line has made a commitment to surpassing the expectations of our customers. Our investment in Disaster Recovery along with Business Continuity ensures that your shipments are safe.

  • Off Premise Data Storage
    • The offsite storage mirrors between the data center and out site.
  • Telecommunications abilities and alternate work areas
    • 30 different offices across the United States
    • Seamless operation between customer and our system